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I bought this little DIY 3D LED Christmas Tree Kit, through eBay before the holidays. They range from $3-$10 and are usually shipped directly from China. I thought it would be fun because I wanted to revisit my electronics past and build something using one of my favorite components, the light emitting diode, and to test my skill in fine soldering.

I am a seasoned kit builder from way back in the days of Knight-kits and Heathkits, and I am a very experienced electronics assembler luckily because this kit did not come with any instructions in the bag. The printed circuit boards are well designed, with each part # showing where it goes. It stands about 5 1/2" tall including battery holder base. Batteries, solder, and solder iron not included. Be very sure to observe the polarity of the capacitors, and the LED's.

There is, however, a set of basic instructions online here:
 being careful by noting there are several varieties and circuit configurations. This kit uses either 3 AA batteries, or it also comes with a USB connector for power. The tree worked the very first time I turned it on. I recommend it highly, it's fun to put together and watch.


These campers are not just under pressure to move to the next location, they are being told to get out of town--the police are just not finishing their sentence. They are cowardly little A-holes, and are going to continue to do this to prevent any establishment of a camp right up to when winter arrives. It is move out of town, whether they (cops) are verbalizing that or not.

I told ya they would do dirty tricks like that. Such low life, low moral characters, are these guys act like they never heard the one about, resistance to tyranny is no vise. In an earlier period of history they would have made good little Germans, loading their own mothers on to the rail cars to go to the gas chambers.

These campers are in fact, being told to get out of town, clearly a civil rights violation, that should be dealt with https://www.eugene-or.gov/.../Hate-and-Bias-Complaint... Doing so by someone at the the camp--ideally, they all should, be listed if possible--this will create a record of such a complaint, and its incident info. camper complainant name, an email address, and phone number. List the total campers present as additional complainants into the incident info..
Always inform the Eugene Police Department of possible crimes as soon as possible. Call 911 during a crime. Call 541-682-5111 to report a non-emergency crime situation. The circumstances surrounding each Discrimination, Hate or Bias activity are unique. A coordinate and sensitive response, tailored…

Use the Police Auditor Office civilian oversight,online complaint form, see the civilian protocols pdf I posted above for guidelines. You will be making a policy complaint (where the person(s), are dissatisfied with current policies or established services), and also a complaint for refusal for necessary services--such as, shelter referral information, legal camps or shelter. Overall complaint is against all EPD employees involved, on the day of this recent incident, and

as it was enforced on the day of incident, such as: the extreme daily hardship of the camping ban itself, plus the added burden of packing and being forced to move on very short notice to an unknown destination, impact on sleep, stress, PTSD, harassment, intimidation, threatening to impound and euthanize pets, threatening to impound personal belongings, including vital camping and food items, campers did not receive, but were instead refused necessary services, negative impact upon health and welfare of campers, the negative impact of the incident upon the community, disparate treatment, violation of constitutional and civil rights, excessive presence of EPD employees, plus any other problems. This may or may not work. It could be declined as unfounded, or EPD actions were found within policy, but try it anyway.

Another interesting read if you've got the time, to get a clear picture of the nature of every kind of complaints, and their outcomes. This is also my first exposure to how the office of police auditor works, and now I am really sorry I did not know this last time I was homeless, I would have filled complaints on my behalf. Please remember that no matter if your complaint is finally upheld or dismissed, they are retained for further use for statistics and trends, and the recording of our complaints is very important, and must be timely. http://www.eugene-or.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/3806 From Office of Police Auditor, 2014 Annual Report, I see several service and performance complaints against EPD officers for not enforcing laws against illegal campers by citizens (RP reporting person), but few if any, from homeless campers against EPD. So successful complaints must first be presented in such a way that works within the parameters of the protocol. 

An example: Jan 2014 Service and Performance complaint Summary: RP was upset that when she was threatened with harm by the campers at "Whoville." An

officer showed up across the street but did not
contact her. Outcome:
Sgt. spoke with the officers who responded and learn that RP refused to walk over to officers who then contacted her and spoke with RP and others in the camp.

Another example: March 2014 Complaint Summary: RP has contacted EPD over 10 times about a prohibitive camping issue in her neighborhood. Outcome: Sgt. contacted the campers and explained the law and then spoke
with RP about the campers leaving t
he area.

**************I was totally unaware until now that this was taking place.; that citizens were, by going through the police auditor's office, easily able to file policy and service inquiries or commendations, upon EPD officers for delayed, or non-reaction of enforcement upon homeless campers. I had been under the impression all along, that this office only handled far more serious complaints. Although the police audit remains independent and neutral, you can see the potential for a leveraged effect, or incentive that officers wish to avoid, that would determine how those officers will react, which in turn, increases the likelihood of escalation right up to the use of force if necessary, upon illegal campers to evict them. In my mind, this changes the whole dynamics of everything; and that which is better able to force compliance with the camping ordinance, as a service to concerned neighbors in a community, generally will always turn into a disservice upon the homeless.

My Comments From FB Sept 1-5 2015

Believe it or not, you bet citizens would approve of last Saturday's fascist intimidation assignment--because they have been so media brainwashed for years, they don't see this as a waste, like we do, but as a rightful duty to protect and serve THEMSELVES from the embarrassing, "public behavior crimes"--and to remove from sight, all those witnessed being forced into doing rightful acts like all other humans, in public; and for relief from the disfigurement effect such homeless camps appear to have--it makes their eyes- sore. They (the tax-paying status quo, or sheeple) have never been against heavy-handed enforcement yet--they only object if they are told more taxes may be necessary for funding for more shelters, etc.

Remember, every poor person, every unemployed person, every camper, every panhandler, is evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors--the crime of the corrupted by bribery congress, and unbridled, false religion of destructive cult-like worship of capitalism, which is creating a two class society under feudalism, with masses of peasants, as the lowest of social class of serfdom.

It's like they're saying--Quick! Hurry up and hide the evidence of our treason and betrayal of the American people; hide the dying miner's canary that our visable homeless symbolize--get them out of sight before anyone catches on that they represent not individuals having stereotypical failures of character, but are instead, among the victims of these foaming at the mouth conservatives, and Libertarians, and Reganomics, that caused the absolute overall failure of privatization, deregulation of capitalism, and worship of billions of $ of dark money taking over our government, rejecting Christ, and mankind's rejected creator, thus today's severe inequality. Move along folks, there is nothing here to see!

These very same blinded sheeple, whiners, complainers, ditto-heads, and NIMBY's, who feel they are being tormented and plagued 24/7, with the homeless camped around them, thanks in part, to their blind leaders, are themselves, most responsible for having to look at so many "rogue" campers. They are getting just what they deserve--piles of garbage, homeless turds, and all! It is their own damn bigotry, selfishness, gullibility, and stupidity for believing the liar and his lies or false accusations against those who act with free willed, self reliance, , aimed against the innocent homeless. By their steadfast opposition to any rational, or long term solution, except these sweeps--they prolong the agony of the un-sheltered, unwanted homeless here. They are among the most irresponsible of our community members. They are instead, most comfortable when excused from any responsibility, or uniting to participate in any humanitarian problem solving, and when reassured by authority, that the problem is not in their own heads, but it is with the supposed, "mentally ill" among the campers themselves, who have traditionally been all along, the designated scapegoats for all of the city's ills. Most everyone refuses to be mindful of the predictive accuracy of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, or to believe that chronic homelessness itself, does cause a large percentage of mental illness--if you trust the DSM-5 codes.

It is like Judge Psychopath Stenard said to me, while looking down her nose, in so many words; Well, if you had just packed up your shit and moved on down the road to somewhere else when ordered by EPD to do so, you would not have been cited--ya, right you clueless bitch. If I listened to her, I'd still be totally powerless, destitute, owning nothing to my name, and still homeless on the fucking streets! Please! Try never to allow her to get into your homeless affairs in court, because: 1. your signature is not on her paycheck, and 2. she will do only what she does as a dedicated servant for the sake the city's hangmen of homeless guilt--persecutors, and legal guru, the Devil's Advocate--I call him Satan's little boy-toy. What? Do you think his Draconian camping ban came from above, as a divine inspiration?

The city's re-electable council politicians, pander to already burdened tax payers, because they live in fear of loosing votes and getting nasty emails. which they do tally. So the entire expense is now on the backs of the homeless themselves, generous donors, and our "home-grown, enemy terrorist" homeless activists, like you and I, who are seen only as pesky, unpatriotic protesters, interfering with the city's punitive, enforcement addiction of criminalizing what it refuses to fix: its facade image of civil and human rights, unrighteousness, and narcissism.

By the way, I just learned something new today, that there's such a thing as "positive and negative rights", and they are sort of abstract, yet important. I am still studying about them. The rights we seek are all dependent on these. Discussion for another time.

If it were not for Jana Thrift capturing this scene as limited as it is, because not only has the public not been shown this on TV anyway--to my knowledge--but we would not have our own documentation of this total Fraud, Waste and Abuse of power on video--sometimes referred to by myself and others--as an EPD circle jerk! So thanks Jenna, for posting this. I hope the OUR'S campers are re-settled, resting, and getting ready for the next games of quasi-governmental kickball, shelter keep-away, and anti-camper, whack-a-mole.

That is a great idea, however such an accurate or complete timeline may be difficult. Like I said earlier, for one thing, EPD does not want to incriminate itself by providing such statistics.or public records on their part. They would rather everyone forget the past like it never happened. We must all become our own homeless historians, carefully constructing our own narrative of such events and experiences ourselves, else they will do it for us, with whitewash. The more recent events can be searched on Google searches of homeless news, assembled from members of SLEEPS, OCCUPY, homeless action, local media Internet archives, police calls for service, etc. The larger, more reported camp removals of protesters, and downtown things will be easiest, smaller less publicized evictions of smaller remote camps will be more difficult without help from other observers, if we can find them. I did my best over the years to gather evidence of everything homeless related, I have many RG news clips, documents, yet to be scanned and compiled as pdf files for your download for safe keeping. Please be patient.

I know this is very difficult to do, but the OURS campers and their supporters need to keep a camp diary notebook, and record everything: camp members, names, dates, remarks by police, and if possible, recall and record how many times and locations OURS campers have had to move camp--and it is an inhumane amount of times, and there seems to no end in sight--I cannot say enough about the strength, fortitude, and determination of this group Keep a watchful eye and always keep a camera handy, for any possible off-duty officer in their private vehicles, acting as vigilante instigators, who may be stalking them where they go each time the camp is forced to move, or being spying on, or someone posing as curious bystanders, a disgruntled neighbor phoning in complaints, Neighborhood Watch, and so forth. It's possible there may be informants. EPD has been caught doing this in the past, as the late Mac McFadden revealed to me. This city does seem to have when called upon, willing vigilante type members besides the police, within the business and residential community, and our local media--at least they did, and such a last resort threat during a meeting I did not attend, was used against my camp, in 1997 if we refused to move--I think they were counting on me to refuse to move to the very end, though I have no idea where any witnesses of that meeting are, and have nothing to prove my allegation. Don't forget there are supposed to be complaint forms for community member complaints from Human Rights Commission against police misconduct, but you have to know what those violations of code of conduct are. EPD is also well known to occasionally not follow their own policies in such cases, counting on campers not knowing or not having their own copies of the exact laws about proper removal of illegal campers. We have Internal Affairs for what it's worth. PLEASE NOTE: I have a spare digital camera, a VistaQuest 12 mega pixels, 8x zoom, VQ9100 Sport, with user manual, that I would be happy to donate to the camp for their use, all it needs is the little SDHC card, I'll try to get one for it. which stores photos for downloading to a computer. Just ask. I am no longer using it.

Operant Conditioning This is what the city uses against the homeless, believing in its effect to discourage illegal camping. A large readable copy can be downloaded here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operant_conditioning

OMG! See also this page, while reading, think about every aspect of this abusive relationship between city government and the homeless population. The similarities are amazing, and helps us to understand the psychology which is being used against the homeless. https://en.wikipedia.org/.../Power_and_control_in_abusive...

I just saw the FOX news at 10PM. I am so f.--ing pissed. Implying that campers are a threat to the safety to the public is total fear mongering the public. But the safety and welfare of those campers does not matter a rats ass--God damn you, EPD and Eugene, you make me sick to my stomach, you bunch of fascist bastards! FASCIST, KNOW THYSELF! This is only going to get uglier, and more dangerous, and will interfere with the campers ability to think and react clearly, or to even care for their bodily needs. They are under tremendous pressure. Being hounded by these TV reporters who are also pro-bigot, and anti-homeless, will slant and frame everything truthful, and take sides with the city, against campers, is not helping them, either. The message being sent here, is that because the city can treat homeless people like shit, so that therefore, it's okay for everyone else to do the same by discrimination, to incite hateful public harassment, or God forbid--unlawful acts of physical violence or murder, against homeless persons by ignorant thugs, thieves, or gang-bangers, who are themselves, deranged, lawless, and full of hate. Remember those insightful Bumfights videos? From now on, if anyone suffers injury, due to this kind of action, it will be upon the city leaders' heads, just like the death of Mr. Egan was, for his exposure to hypothermia, and denial of shelter. And what do you suppose we will hear from our lame duck, mayor Kitty Piercy, who I am now calling out here, whose soul along with some others in top city management, run this city by being bullies, now belongs to the Devil and his Advocate, city attorney, Klein; she is twice a liar, who betrays the trust of so many poor citizens, in their city government. that she promised to represent, in order to get elected. Again she lied, saying the city does not criminalize the homeless; and it's she the mayor, who leads this unjust mentally abusive, abomination of immorality in the humanitarian decline and decay towards these homeless...Crickets.

Our Biased Laws Against Homeless

Whenever we read state and municipal laws or ordinances worded, "...pertaining to the "humane removal" of homeless and their campsites in recognition of the "social nature" of homelessness--this is code for social Darwinism! This orders the culling, ignoring, shunning, or eliminating the undesirable humans as a nuisance, as being equal to their involuntary bodily waste, their possessions, food, garbage--all of it becomes unsanitary refuse!
Environmental, garbage, or sanitation concerns are nothing but red-herrings.
In Nazi Germany round-ups of homeless, they were called 'a socials.

This is why I insist that all of our anti-camping laws which were written solely to persecute and criminalize the homeless, badly need to be rewritten For the homeless, instead of AGAINST them.
By Danielle Smith
First published in Facebook, Group-- Homeless In Eugene

St. Vincent de Paul Would Not Approve, Neither do I, And Neither Should You!

After reading the article in EW, Hobbit Huts Proposal Put On Hold For Now, it occurred to me that besides being a very disgusting, immoral plan where a few favored homeless campers would be tasked to contact, snitch, and report other campers along the river, it is not the only example of SVDP being very cozy with the city--in collusion--against unsanctioned, or so called "illegal" campers.

This is a program well known to all as the SVDP Parking program, which has since 1998, employed a parking “facilitator”to receive reports or complaints from EPD of campers on city streets. Usually, housed malcontents or drive-by witnesses do the initial snitching to the police. Then that info is relayed to the facilitator, who then drives to the location where the offending campers are, and informs them that they need to move immediately or else the SVDP authorized facilitator threatens to call the police again if they do not. Pretty much all of the facilitators in that position ever since, have carried out their marching orders in lock-step without hesitation--all except one.

Mac McFadden, who unfortunately passed away several years ago, was the very first program facilitator. Here is how it all began: it was over another huge illegal vehicle camp that I helped assemble at the very end of W. 7th and Nolan St.in 1997, gathering as many campers as possible, to resist the city’s camping ban. It was also a central location where concerned citizens were able to bring donations such as food, delivered by Bill Montana--another friend of the homeless and also now deceased, directly to the campers, with no charity monopoly in the middle, and a place where--when the police came to harass campers or whatever, there would be plenty of witnesses and hopefully,more safety in numbers. We were eventually rewarded with 3 portable toilets and a dumpster. By that time, I had racked up 7 camping tickets going back to 1995, and was in court multiple times; I was very active in city council meetings and HAC protests.

At that time, I was a frequent caller via pay phone, to KUGN during their local programming talk radio show, where I was able to speak directly to the public giving updates about the mistreatment of homeless citizens,the need for legal places to park, and against hardliner, Mayor Torrey--who I am sure was listening--and his anti-civil rights, pro-business policies.

One day, I and another camp friend, were invited in as station guests, where we were able to talk directly to listeners calling in with their questions and opinions--we fielded calls for about 3 hours--many of them were not very friendly either--but I believe that once the city and police realized that local homeless activists like me could do this to their chagrin,such programming was eventually ended, to avoid further embarrassment,opposition, or any public discussion of any local issues; which is one reason why today’s local, offensive right-wing syndicated AM programming, totally SUCKS!

Nobody knows this, but it is a fact: that I had personally gone to city hall during a one-on-one with the Mayor Torrey. With much anger, I got right in his face, and I demanded that campers be allowed to camp in the industrial zoned streets of West Eugene; and I threatened to shove the next camping ticket down his throat, and said if he expected me to move my bus every damned day, he needed to put some gas in my tank!

Mayor Torrey Outlines Tougher Anti-Camping Code Enforcement: City Council Work Session

Mayor Torrey's comments on camping, Eugene City Council work session Wed July 29th., 1998 as recorded, then transcribed from cassette tape to print by Danielle Smith attending.

After hearing Richie Weinman list limited options for parking, council president Pat Farr then categorized our local homeless population into three groups:
1. Those who want and need help and are willing to subject themselves to a program of "rehabilitation."

2. Those who are mentally ill or who have emotional problems.

3. The rest Farr referred to as "bums" whereupon I stood in anger and interrupted the closed meeting by shouting, “I take exception to that remark! I take exception to that remark!” Of course, I was ordered to be quiet,or else leave; but I said it twice as he continued to downgrade and stereotype all the homeless who are camped in the industrial zones of W. Eugene.

Mayor Torrey speaks:

"...and to expand on that and to make sure we get all the practical elements of this out on the table--campers---will not be allowed to be on the street. It will be in fact, enforced--first by a facilitator--as a person coming to that person (illegal camper) an indicating to that person that you can't be here.
Where do I go? Here are some options, here's all the places you can go, all the options that are available--and there are not numerous options, lets not kid ourselves.
This is going to be a costly program. The cost is going to be in the use of our public safety people who will be expected to move people off the street that are on the streets, and I would like to add one thing, and I apologize to the committee because I frankly, didn't think about this during the committee meeting. If the date 10-1 (October 1st, 1998) stays--and I appreciate Richie's position about the ability to make it happen prior to that.
I would like to suggest that we have as a part of this (ordinance) that we ask the police department to notify those people who are visibly on the street as of the 1st of September, and indicate to them, that by 10-1 you will not be allowed to be on the street with your vehicle!

And frankly, we have some people in this community who are going to make it very tough for our police to enforce this code. If we do not want to enforce the code we need to say that.
If we place our police in a position, we have a code, they get calls from people who expect the code to be complied with, and we frankly haven't given sufficient amount of resources to the police to allow them to do that job.

So, lets not be Pollyannish about this--this is a tough change even though the code isn't changed, the implementation and enforcement of the code is changing.

And for those councilors who did not support the previous recommendation--do not at all be upset about that because frankly, you represent 95% of every call I got and I got more falls on this issue than any other issue, and they were demanding that e not allow this to happen!

To the public I will say: if you believe that there needs to be some compassion for people who are in this situation--frankly, the ball is in your court, and you're going to have to come forward and provide a place for a person to be, and I have had some business people indicate a willingness to do that.
And to make sure we get all the practical elements of this out on the table--campers will not be allowed on the street. It will in fact, be enforced--first by a facilitator, then the police will cite or arrest them..."

There was a bit more on the tape but I could not understand, due to poor recording.

Mac McFadden was a homeless activist before he was chosen by SVDP. He first became known as a friend of the homeless, when a group of campers, including myself, were living under the bridge near Armitage State Park, which became the center of attention in 1991, by the state, county authorities,and news media, and the beginning of an entire story of enforcement and eviction all its own.

He was always present during such occasions,this is where we met and became good friends; and during his visits,he helped anyone who needed anything at the camp that would make life easier for the group, bringing donations like camping equipment, etc. More than once he stood up for me.

Mac McFadden was very well known, credible, and respected by everyone, including city officials who were involved with homeless issues. As a newly chosen SVDP facilitator, working with campers, he was very outspoken, and always fought for them. Whenever he was in meeting with the city, and he learned something which he felt we needed to know about, he would tell us. He was my inside contact, who was able to discover and put to an end, the fact that I was being stalked by an off duty police officer,who was driving around, finding me every time I moved, and was reporting me for camping, as a regular citizen, which explained why I was never able to relocate without EPD knowing right away--I had no idea this was being done to me, and I could not figure out how there could be so many complaints, because there wasn’t.

Mac was also able to warn me ahead of time, that EPD was planning to enter our camp one evening at 5pm,to administer warnings, which gave me enough time to make calls to local TV reporters, requesting them to be there with cameras ready and waiting, to take the group of officers by surprise, and put them live on the evening news--the last thing they would ever want--to show everyone what was about to happen to us, while everyone watching TV,enjoyed their dinner. It was a great embarrassment to them and the city for days after, to see officers dressed in black para-military uniform about to invade a peaceful camp of homeless. I had successfully managed to punk EPD as a payback for what they did to me, and others--and I am mighty damned proud it.

If Mac ever had to call the police, he did so sparingly, only as a last resort. He often helped shuffle campers around,as in a shell game with his truck--even in the middle of the night if he had to, trying to keep campers two steps ahead of the police, and out of trouble. He assisted with the city forced disbanding of the W.7th camp when SVDP found places for every camper.I was the last holdout and was told that either I went into the program, or be arrested, so I was moved to the SVDP store parking lot on Seneca St.

Sadly, not very long after--I do not remember when--he was fired by SVDP, and replaced. I am convinced that this was done because he refused to be a “yes man”for the city or SVDP, and was too supportive of the homeless, and perhaps too difficult to be forced to doing things the way the higher officials of the program wanted him to. He was no snitch, and he deeply cared about the bond of trust he had built with homeless campers. The program today is a far cry from when it began, with the addition of many new rules, and very restrictive, very harsh, and very little tolerance for campers,or their rights, and they are not really interested in being strong advocates for the homeless, and have now,totally allowed the city to more effectively control camping with the full support of SVDP, and has become far too subservient to every petty complainer, and against any campers who are still waiting and denied a place, and who camp anyway.

This is how we got to today,where these ignorant,divisive individuals like John Brown, and Tim Angle from SVDP can so blatantly and shamelessly promote, and instigate with the full backing and support of Terry McDonald, the Hobbit Hut Betrayal Scheme, which would pit camper against camper, over a few river camps, whose negative impact probably does not amount to squat; against innocent campers who, once the rains return, and all the tree leaves have fallen,will be left totally exposed anyway, forcing them to move further away from prying eyes.

In total disgust, I say shame on you Terry McDonald, and all those officials of the city of Eugene, and of SVDP, who harbor such a callused attitude towards those who will again face an unknown set of winter extremes. You are basically saying, to hell with all of the rest of them--we have enough legally placed token campers, and token rest stops, to fool and convince the public that we have done enough, and we do not have to give a rats ass about the rest--because after all, camping is illegal.

You have lowered yourselves far, far beneath the high standard that was set by Mac McFadden, of compassion and service towards every homeless person.

There is no doubt in my mind, that if the saint, St. Vincent de Paul were here today, he would be equally disgusted and angry enough to demand the swift removal of his name from your non-profit organization, for very obvious reason. You have allowed your once hopeful program to disintegrate into a corrupt free-for-all of scapegoating, blame-shifting, and public character assassination, and now this weirdly named,cynical,phony river patrol; you have willingly become an involved, total supporter of unconstitutional violations of civil and human rights, and you have become nothing more than another arm of the law,the anti-camping law, that was born out of the very darkness of Hell by an evil devil’s advocate of human hatred directed against the very least of those who are suffering in silence, like a death wish were put upon them.

Ladies and gentlemen do not ever forget that although you may never hear it spoken, or know such a thing exists, except when on occasion, when a police officer may say something like this to a homeless camper--in violation of their civil rights, “just get out of town.” This IS the unspoken policy command by the entire city legal system: If you should somehow become homeless for any reason, no matter how long you have lived here, you are expected to get your ass out of town, out of sight, rather than camp anywhere in violation. Homeless people will immediately be referred to, especially in the media and by police, as transients from then on- and they know damn well what they are doing by its use; it is an offensive, derogatory label which is code for saying that these campers are not one of us,they are not from here, they do not belong here,they are drifters,lawbreakers,strangers,freeloaders, they are a public nuisance ,and their public behaviors should be reported.
This is what you have to offer a majority of our local,homeless citizens with no place to go, thanks to you, Eugene--that is some really sick, fucked up shit!

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    This Is Part II

    I have some more to say about my post and of the goodness of every facilitator including Mac.and all of the wonderful people at SVDP, because I got carried away the other night, and I ended up in anger, with a confused, mixed up mess between the city and SVDP, fact and fiction, past and present, good and evil. I re-read the EW article again, and oh crap! I wish I never stepped into that Hobbitgate quagmire.

    I cannot be everywhere at once, so I cannot know everything, this is a problem when I go to write. I must now apologize for some of what I wrote earlier, some of that anger I threw at Terry McDonald was meant for the city. If it were not for SVDP, I would not be here. I would not have survived. The parking program had to be. But there is more to say about something else that was done to me while involved with another program, which was the real source of those feelings of anger, I just remembered, and I’ll get to that in a minute.

    Although I was fighting for such places for all to legally park years ago, I was opposed to that permit program in the very beginning, because I could see the inequality, adversity and all of the unintended misery, homeless people on the outside looking inside might suffer; where other homeless were parked in legal peace, because they had their “permit” taped to the inside of their windows. I have had to live with that constitutional defeat ever since; although we did manage to have several tickets dropped, the ban appears to be like titanium, cloaked in black robes.

    The real problem as one here commented, is the truth; the crime is being committed against the people that is, the city’s ban is by a another court’s decision, violating the right of the vehicular housed, to sleep in those vehicles, free from molestation. Do not forget the Right to Rest! We don't need no stinking permits!

    My court trials back then were entirely based upon constitutional arguments using several amendments--my focus of attention was much more upon killing that camping ordinance, besides fighting tickets, clearing my name, more than simply a program which gave legal protection to a few, for an indeterminate length of time. I, with a pro-bono attorney, could not get that done, with my deepest regret. I learned along time ago just how dirty, and corruptly biased against the homeless, our courts are here.

    Like each of the city sanctioned car camps of the past, there were time limits--and also within the parking program as well--very long time limits in the beginning and gradually to become shortened --but also, the numbers of available private and commercial owners willing to welcome campers fluctuates, and that is no fault of SVDP. There are rather steep costs of providing sanitation. Things change, nothing remains the same. So there is a revolving turnover of homeless back to the streets again. There is no question, providing parking spaces for homeless campers in Eugene, or anywhere, is a very hard sell.

    As far as all in SVDP, this is a paid position and they are all wonderful employees, and so they all must walk a fine line of balance between homeless campers and what is expected by their superiors. I do believe they all do their very best, working with campers, and that there were times when all of them, I am sure, must have had that inner conflict of trying to be protective and helpful, but still having to make tough decisions,to be accountable to the rules of the program, and community. Their hands are tied, by ordinance, by land use, zoning, and their good reputation. But I do not like to see SVDP in the role of enforcer at all, and I hope any such sinister plans of anyone’s which has not happened, never does. The thing is, someone must do that job, and I hope that only a tiny percentage of campers will have lost everything to impound, with no fault to SVDP--and all fault to the city. I bear witness to all of it.

    Several years ago, I went through the jobs program at SVDP, and vocational rehab, working at Laurel Hill. Mind you, I was camped way out in W. Eugene. in the wetlands, traveling by bike, or bike on bus. My only camp mate stuck there until I return. I worked for them in several locations, a 4 hour day. For about a month, I think. In this good program to begin with, no drug test is given, until after you are given an interview. The last location was at the Division Ave. store. I worked hard, I excelled in that job, just like I excelled where ever voc rehab placed me. The St. Vinnies store manager and all the coworkers liked me a lot, they wanted me full time--that itself being a difficult stressful schedule, leaving my camp unattended, or my cats alone for that long, invites trouble with theft and loss.

    I once asked a worker, how they would feel coming to work every day, having no locks on their doors or windows, and how they would handle worrying about losing everything of value,constantly while at work--I don’t recall an answer. Some of those voc rehab councilors are themselves, drugged out with anti-depressants so what can they say? They wanted to know why I was not talking them, with strong implication that I should.

    SVDP would not hire me because I used marijuana. And, if I should happen to have even the slightest of on job accident, or say, injuring my back helping load a heavy piece of merchandise into a customers truck, I would be tested again, and lose the job anyway. SVDP is more interested in whats in peoples piss, than what a good worker they are. No hand up for this homeless--and not having the medical card--which I did not--wouldn’t have made a difference. I retain my personal values, my belief in the right to be free of an employers control, while I am not on the clock. I was never impaired--they, lost a good worker.

    But wait, there’s more. Back at Laurel Hill. A worker is helping me with job leads. Many of which I was not able meet the wanted ads requirements, such as drivers license, long distance, hours, unemployed too long, and of course clean drug test. I don’t have the time or energy to waste doing fools errands, passing out resumes everywhere, least of all to jobs that would never hire me anyway.

    During that time, there must have been need for a replacement SVDP parking facilitator, because yes, this one lead was handed to me. The lady assistant has no idea what this job is--like most of them, she gave me--I said, you do not know what this job requires. I cannot in good conscience do some of which this job requires, which is to run off homeless people, not yet in the program, and if necessary, call the police. I don’t have a vehicle either. I could not ever do such a thing, I would never do a job where I may have to hurt innocent people, because they were homeless, on the street. I have been there, I know. Not even for $9.00 an hour, or any price. Besides, I doubt that SVDP would ever hire me for that position anyway. I turned the lead down, along with a few others which were handed me. They do not like when clients think for themselves, or hear one say they know whats best for them. So, voc rehab had slammed the door of job assistance in my face--not once, but twice!

    SVDP, under Mr. McDonald, permanently hires very few, if any homeless people, because most all of them smoke pot, and couldn’t pass a drug test. He has allowed himself to be also a drug war agent, by requiring a job seeker’s agreement to intrusion of privacy, in search of drugs, in exchange for employment--that is a fact. That is what I got for trying to get back on my feet. Now you know the rest of the story.


Editor's Note

Fear not, there are a half-dozen articles beneath a screen of privacy, not quite finished to perfection.  However I am experiencing a problem with my posted photos not appearing when I log out to see what you would see.  I still cannot figure out how or why it changed, not ever having this problem before.  The security is now set to private, and I am still looking for the settings for that, but the photos are seperate from the journal somehow.  Stay tuned for new releases as they are ready.

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