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Dec 03, 2015 6:07pm
I have additional comments regarding those who may be vehicularly housed in RV's, etc. by some homeless campers parking on the streets, and EPD forcing them to move instantly after traumatizing them.
This has to do with distracted driving. We are all familiar with the most common types of distraction, that potentially could make some drivers a hazard, whether they intend to or not.
As motor vehicle operators, it is my observation of the drivers manual, that drivers have a much higher responsibility to public safety and themselves, than EPD's PISS ANT orders to move, on account of a illegal camping complaint. This is about driving while distraught. I refer specifically to last weeks upsetting story in EW, about how the distraught father of that family, his wife and baby, was ordered get behind the wheel, after Officer DICK basically threatened to mess up their whole world.
I am calling out the idiots within EPD for doing this to anyone for any reason. It is the most unbelievably stupid thing that these so-called, public safety "experts" on distracted driving, could possibly do, which is to take it upon them selves to create an equally dangerous, and UNNECESSARY waste of camper's gas, wear and tear of their vehicles, and a possible traffic hazard.
One of the most important requirements to pass a drivers test is having good vision. Well guess what? One cannot see clearly with their eyes full of tears, or with the stress and extreme terror of having just been treated like shit by a officer in bad need of reassignment far away from our campers.
And guess who would take the rap if God forbid, an accident occurred, while a camper was too upset to drive? NOT EPD. I have in the past, personally experienced this PUNK-ASSED behavior unbecoming of a uniformed police officer, and of being shit-talked, and threatened if I did not move. Afterwards, I was so upset, no way was I going to move. It is not safe to drive in such a condition, especially when you don't even know where the F you are going.
Unfortunately for EPD, I was too angry to be fearful, and I was not interested in playing their head games. I had control over them. I was living in a 30' converted school bus, too difficult for them to boot, or tow away, and in which I was able to safely barricade myself, and I would always refuse to come out, or move if I did not want to, and I took every advantage of the inability of EPD to use force against me, until the willful violator amendment to the camping ordinance was added. I was the captain of that ship, I decide when to drive, not them.
Important advise to all RV campers: Never, ever leave you door unlocked, at any time, because the police will open the door and come in. Also when there are several police standing at your door, preventing you from leaving, that is considered an illegal detainment.
I pissed them off, I punked them good a few times, while I went to court, to fight tickets, and wrote many letters in the local papers, designed to inform the public what was really happening, and to embarrass Mayor Torrey, while condemning the camping ban, and calling all campers to assemble in the largest unsanctioned camp in Eugene, ever, that I helped organize, and was instrumental in forcing the development of the SVDP parking program.
The additional charge of "willful violator" against campers who refuse to move, is simply the convoluted, twisted, and perverted form of individual "free will" by the scumbag city attorney, who had to give EPD the power to take out campers like me, by force or violence.
Furthermore, my response to the city's bullshit camping ban was based upon the fact that, IF I was to be given no legal spot to park, then it automatically becomes my choice, as to when or where, and I would park where it was the most convenient, out of sight location for ME. I stood ground on industrial zoned streets for weeks, and sometimes months just to show them I mean business.
Another fact which I have never told was that my bus had serious mechanical problems, that again, as a responsible operator, I rightfully refused to move. It had bad tires, bad brakes, and very loose steering. So, if any campers have similar vehicle problems, then according to the DMV, they may very well be within their rights to refuse, as well as if it is late at night, and drivers are too fatigued to drive.
And the police must think--or more likely they don't give a shit, that homeless campers are too stupid to see that when they are being forced to move, or else--they know damn well that they will again, and again be snitched out, and found and the mistreatment only gets worse for them, plus they become unable to focus and may be driving around in circles--wasting their time.



Dec 15, 2015
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The history of Oregon Department of Transportation's territorial turf war on behalf of the taxpayers against a few homeless citizens, repeats itself again. This time it even ignores their EMERGENCY STATUS, health, and welfare in the cold of winter. I am requesting (as if I had any influence--and I probably don't, but so what?) that the governor investigate this contradiction, or conflict of state interests, having herself, just recently declared a homeless housing emergency at the request of both Portland's and Eugene's mayors.
By now most of us have seen Vahid Brown's video posted in FB, about one small camp of homeless people in Portland, facing yet another example of a giant government entity, ODOT, acting with blind obedience to mere words on paper. While intending to run roughshod over the very health and safety of a small handful of Portland's own un-housed citizens for reasons they claim, are in the name of protecting the interests of the "taxpayers." What if the taxpayers upon watching this being done to these helpless people in dire distress, would now disagree with how this is being handled?
"Don Hamilton with ODOT says the agency plans to remove the campers' personal property next week. He says ODOT will work with other law enforcement to clear out the area."
"This is why the law says there's no camping and no trespassing on various sites around the area," he said. "It's often unsafe for people to be on these sites."
You know, that group of Mayors who met recently, will procrastinate, and do not intend to practice what they now suddenly have united to support, and then announced to the public their new conversion to "housing first", but not in time for any homeless relief this winter. The reality is that the priority is still eviction, and criminalization first, while first housing anyone, is in some imaginary, nebulous future vision, like whenever mankind colonizes Mars.
The mayor of Portland should know damn well that housing first, does not mean crap, nor does it offer any consolation to these campers, or does anything which first seeks to prevent them from immediate exposure.
Shouldn't such an emergency mean having the ability to accomplish what would take months of meetings and voting, by instead making a few simple official phone calls, and bypassing red tape? Put them in housing now. Mayor Hales, I dare you to put your money where your mouth is!
Aren't all of these state bureaucrats at ODOT, and city mayors, all the alike? They have no common sense, they just cannot be reasoned with, or get anything done quickly.
Again, we all find ourselves back to the point where the Right to Rest--while it did not make it through legislature earlier in the year, must be revisited, passed into law, and accepted by government as a legal right, as a pre-requirement of the housing first program. But the fact is the campers must get off ODOT property, or lose everything. We can try to email Mayor Hales, asking him to please make an exception under the circumstances, to provide emergency housing for them NOW, but don't expect much. Prayers for the homeless would be most appropriate now.
To email Portland Mayor:
To access Governor Brown's website: http://www.oregon.gov/gov/pages/index.aspx
I really like the new governor, her enthusiasm, professionalism, and most especially her heart-felt connection with the Statue of Liberty, immigration, and all of that. I have been to Liberty Island. I believe in the giving of refuge to the needy. I would support helping due to today's world crisis. Her willingness to accept Syrian refugees is praiseworthy...BUT I FEAR...that if they were coming into Oregon right now, they would be housed before any our own homeless refugees, would be, who were here first--by birth--and that in light of a declared emergency, and against what this nation is supposed to be about, would be grossly unfair, and shameful!
If concerned friends here cannot call, or cannot get through, or would rather not call Salem, try using the Governor's online, "share your opinion" page--or both. The topic I chose was public safety--namely, the safety of homeless people existing in outdoors in public. Posting a message directly from there is easier for some--which is what I am working on right now, on behalf of the campers, and to again call attention to the state's failure, and the cruelty of ORS policies of removing campers--which is not humane.
If nothing else, just sending them a note telling them that you heard about what is being done to these campers; you saw the video of them being forced to dismantle their tents and tarps during a very heavy, rainy season.
Portland is experiencing flooding in certain areas! We know about it--we are watching this happen, we think it is cruel, it is not happening in secret, it was broadcast on our TV news, and it is anything but being done in a ORS lawful manner++++++++ which++++++ensures the most humane treatment for removal of homeless individuals from camping sites.+++++++
What ARE the state's parameters between what is considered humane, and what is considered inhumane, according to the state? They do not exist. That is left to the discretion of attorneys, and judges--it just can't get any worse than that.
Illegal camping is a pseudo-crime, it is a fictitious, concocted, false accusal of guilt, projected upon innocent homeless citizens by hired psychopaths. The public has been so thoroughly programmed that its threatened quality of life depends on them to report the crime, giving them their false sense of security. Police power of coercion unequally enforces it, without question. Judicial bias rules in its favor. City Hall turns a blind eye--everybody's getting paid to look the other way, just putting in their time, until the end of the day, when they can go home from work, and pretend it never happened.
ODOT campers were given a period of time to move by the 4th of Jan. which is normal policy, and is slightly more generous than most 24 hour city laws. It's quite possible that ODOT being busy with other things, will wait until the last day, if they see people and camp stuff still there. They'd much prefer that the campers do their own cleanup than them having to do it.
But make no mistake--when the times does come, they will come in with trucks and a work crew prepared to clean up. Rain or shine--I don't know. Rain ought to be an automatic time-out for the campers to stay dry, however if they are not concerned with nasty weather in the coming weeks, and months, well as usual, the homeless are on their own, left to fend for themselves, or catch pneumonia and die.
Because those folks are trespassing, they have no choice but to move very soon, and trying to stop ODOT would be like trying to stand in the middle of I-5 to stop traffic--don't get in the way--this is a very big, powerful state agency. The best we can hope for is to request under the Governor's declaration of an emergency, to please--work with ODOT for more time, and with Portland's mayor to delay police action, and somehow come up with a place for this small group of people to move to, even if it is only temporary, like we have done here in Eugene.
Remember, this unfriendly "letter of the law" state attitude towards homeless humans in distress, and putting an end to many years of cleaning up after them, continues to be reported by local media going way back. This should be a reminder of what I'm talking about--their real estate is worth one hell of a lot more to them, than a few homeless bodies desperately trying to escape agents of criminalization, coming at them from every direction. ODOT says they will continue to force people from their land back to the city, and the way I see it, it ought to be Mayor Hale's problem, to begin with.
From a past report: "The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has also clamped down on common campsites under bridges and freeway overpasses. After spending $15,000 over time to routinely sweep campers off of state property and removing dump trucks of debris, ODOT maintenance, and operations manager Karla Keller came up with a new solution, called "transient deterrent fencing." In the past two years, the state has installed about 27 cages over common homeless camp sites, using the money for potholes to pay for fencing and planting roses in grassy dividers. "What we're trying to avoid is being a maid service," Keller says
"We don't want them just moving back in. It's a revolving expenditure for us."
Another thing to keep in mind is that it is not the state or with ODOT especially, that any homeless campers want or need to have a legal fight with. The Department of Transportation serving many functions is a law enforcement agency, and they are not political representatives of citizens who can create shelter or influence votes. They enforce camping ordinances of their own, such as below:
203.077 Local governments to develop a humane policy for removal of homeless camps from public property. All municipalities and counties shall:
(1) Develop a policy that recognizes the social nature of the problem of homeless individuals camping on public property.
(2) Implement the policy as developed, to ensure the most humane treatment for removal of homeless individuals from camping sites on the public property. [1995 c.121 §1]
Use this link to read the entire state camping laws:
A few years ago, I was facing the same thing these campers are because I along with a few others were camping on ODOT land here in Eugene. We also have our own brave souls with the OURS camp in Eugene, who have plenty of experience with how ODOT plays its dirty game of shoving people off the lifeboat to drown, after removing from them, their paid-for sanitary toilet. They would be the first to tell you--you just can't fight these ignorant punks!
But those examples happened in the summer, this is a completely dangerous winter emergency for these folks. This is happening to our neighbors to the North, and it won't be the last time ODOT does this to someone else. For all I know, they don't have warming centers, they don't have rest stops up there. Right now, those poor campers are under a tremendous amount of physical and mental duress, distress, and also mental fatigue simply from the constant straining to find a way out of their situation, it's a sickening, trapped feeling of imprisonment, but without bars, because the campers know the very minute they walk away from state land, and they set foot on city property, the police will arrive, to take their turn at quasi-governmental kickball.
think of it as "OPERATION KEEP THEM OUT"
Aug 2, 2016, From Facebook

with a long, long, history of discrimination against our homeless, due strictly to their indigence, in other words, due to their inability to find, or afford the high cost of privatized rent.
See: Are Criminal Acts or Economic Status the Targets? By the late Carl Sorg,
If the Eugene city government does not have the will to stand up to these few selfish neighborhood elite, or make any effort to reassure them, or sell, and promote the rest stop plan as a safe, proven, and effective way to provide legal overnight camping, on the merits of its social, moral and economic necessity, its rules, and the honesty and sincerity of its hopeful inhabitants, then I think such a public lack of city willpower and determination to act in the best interest of these homeless campers (who are completely innocent in regards to this neighborhood's perceived fear of danger from them), is proof of an ongoing, disingenuous, and downright dishonest, "ending homelessness as our goal" Blue Ribbon, publicity stunt.
I see here a possible scam, the kind that is always used, one that never fails as an outcome-based, desired deterrent to mass homeless settlements, and their (intrusive) integration into the community, that some of them were born in, and some may have already been living in for years. Eugene is a city that never repents, never gives up defending the illegal ban on camping EC 4.815. Each side of this contentious issue is accusing the other of being illegal, with the burden to prove legality, beyond a reasonable doubt is upon the shoulders of the defendant camper, caught in place, any place, any time, or anywhere. I have fought it for years,
If only a few home dwellers object to a near-by rest stop, every time, and there will be, count on that--and with local TV stations, who will send out its reporters, to make damn sure the whole city finds out about it, then everyone else, gets to add in its two cents, while another good location for a rest stop, with many services, shopping, medical clinics, and other opportunities, gets shot down, and the city walks away, a winner. Why does everything that the homeless must accomplish, or is expected to do, to be done with a dial set to maximum difficulty, when their life is hard enough?
It is behaving badly, like it always has, a city where no matter who was the mayor, or the councilors, or the police chief--we resigned a few of them since I've lived here, and city managers, for as many years as I have been watching, and saving newspaper clips.
Eugene remains a classist, self-righteous, arrogant bunch of, well quite frankly, in regards to the mistreatment of the homeless, an organized criminal syndicate--and always, always with the help of the RG and the local 4 TV news stations, casting the unwitting, unknowing homeless campers onto the 5:00 evening news, and of course, the homeless no longer have the luxury of portable TV's--all of them are already guilty, and that guilt cannot be undone or reversed. There is no justice in the courtroom, only jeopardy for the homeless. It's rigged, everybody knows it. But nobody knows what to do about it. Life goes on.
Because, in order not to appear to be making all homeless people, into automatic criminals, what else could they do? How could the city authoritarians and prosecutors, criminalize both the person and the behavior, without seeming to legally criminalize the person for their homeless status, and without violating the person's constitutional rights, in court, yet still be able to punish any, seen in public, who may be reported by a witness?
This to me has always been a most egregious violation of my rights--being ordered to leave Alton Baker Park in the middle of the daytime, during park hours, was like--WTF is wrong with you damn people, and your police, your RDU, (Rapid Deployment Unit), I can't do anything at any time without you in my goddamn face! I wrote a lot of angry stuff, you have yet to read, and it was all published in homeless papers, too.
So, they criminalized the very act of LIFE itself, outside of the free-market capitalist system, and in violation of bigoted, municipal regulatory, control and banned camping, as an unlawful remedy for a personal emergency of homelessness.
The most amazing absurdity, is how the evidence for the poor people's crime of illegal camping, becomes their very own personal property--sometimes it's valuable property, worth enough money to the impound worth towing, legalized grand theft, taking away the vehicle that guy over there was sleeping in--and all of his possessions; or the sleeping bag, with someone inside it at 4AM in the morning, always a worthwhile target of abuse of power, for some policeman's amusement; or the propane tank and cook stove, or the box of food, or the blankets, and tent, they had no license, or were privileged to do so. therefore we the city, have the right to seize it, and you naked homeless people, be damned because you were warned.
How ugly, how rotten, you have been and continue to be Eugene, treating the homeless like this? It's a demonstration in slow motion, on how to murder a homeless person with intent, but without appearing to murder them at all, yet easily convince the public, that the city itself, had nothing to do with it. Nothing whatsoever. Those things that are common ordinary equipment, legally purchased, legal to own, vital to one's life, I mean, literally, the taking of these things means a direct threat to the LIFE or DEATH, of a homeless person, without them, and so this is a time when they already have you up against the wall--that's when you go all out crazy for your self-defense.
The innocent homeless are unfairly thrust into the court of public opinion, narrated by TV news reporters, then followed by days or weeks of a cruel trial by gossip, a trial of mockery by a jury of trolls, and armchair advisers, who themselves, never spent a single damn homeless winter, camping in the freezing cold, day and night.
Such events should be broadcast, of course. But it is the way that it's done--the way it is presented to the public. What happens is a TV reporter went and found a neighborhood lady who was willing to say, how worried (over nothing) she was, juxtaposed to another lady from the camp, if I recall, and whatever the heck they mean by "fair and balanced", placing a pro-issue against a con-issue with a few scant details, will never lead to a resolution, just endless discussion, endless delay, because it is too balanced, and is not allowed to go either one way or the other, by the local media.
If such repeated, examples like how this latest camp, like all too many before, was unfairly judged and stiffed, not further the goal of reducing homelessness, is a capitulation to political correctness-- afraid to call selfishness and self-centeredness what it is, and how inappropriate it is given a declared housing emergency. I see the same old, anti-homeless discrimination, disguised as protecting the "quality of life" of a few living in that community who seem to want the luxury of living in a gated community, closed to everyone who is poor, without having the income to move into some regimented, run like a prison, guard and all, fortress behind private gates, and pay for it, themselves.
Chronically Homeless, means you have been homeless for a long time, and you have lived here for a long time--far too long to be shoved out of the area, these are mostly all clients of services within the community, they receive their mail here, they have family here, they have every right under congressional freedom of travel law, to remain here. As far as I know, this mass displacement of ordinary congregations is unprecedented in the history of the city.
Eugene is a "pay to play" city.Its nondiscrimination clause sounds wonderful, very attractive to outsiders with $ until you realize that only the homeless remain an unprotected class--a highly guarded and protected, city loophole, I tried to fix in court years ago, from camping "illegally", unsuccessfully. This has always left our homeless citizens subject to discrimination, to be disenfranchised, suffer total character assassination, physical abandonment, and exposure to weather extremes, and the ever handy police play toy or unwilling homeless subjects used to practice with when training police rookies.
Recall when Mayor Smiley-face Piercy, called out the travelers downtown, then she made a very weak exception, or distinction from the other homeless, which of course, is bullshit, because she knew damn well the public, and everyone downtown, especially the police, conflates one with the other--all in the name of "sharing the downtown space". So right now, this is all being done with the mayor's cold-hearted, approval, and with her back turned to all of our homeless, camped in un-sanctioned camps, waiting their turn, in the name of "sharing the downtown space".
The taxpayers of Eugene, the status quo, are treated--even referred to as "customers" of the city camp removal service. Some taxpayers pay lots of taxes, they command equal action to enforce illegal camping. They have been smacked in the face with homeless garbage, etc., for so long, they don't care about the true cost, or what happens to the homeless, as long as they are kept away from businesses, and community. That is customer satisfaction, even if it is a shameful class war against the indigent. It's all about $$$$$$$$$$.
The taxpayers are treated--even referred to as "customers" of the city. Some taxpayers pay lots of taxes, they command equal action to enforce illegal camping. They have been smacked in the face with homeless garbage, etc., for so long, they don't care about the true cost, or what happens to the homeless, as long as they are kept away from businesses, and community. That is customer satisfaction, even if it is a shameful ongoing class war against the indigent.

THIS STORY IS MISLEADING THE PUBLIC Revised It's 4:20 more added, refresh, read again!
Aug 12, 2016, From FaceBook

The report reads, "The Community Outreach and Response Team was launched in April. The program helps place chronically homeless people in housing, or reunite them with families"

Does this mean they are now tasked to do more than
distributing handouts listing homeless services, with phone numbers to White Bird, and SVDP--when neither provides housing? I'm assuming reunite with family, means a bus ticket to get them there. Jail is the only housing the police know.

Not one of these cops can produce a shelter bed, and a shelter bed cannot be an acceptable day-time place to be awake, Not one of the social services provide housing, or vehicle parking, or walk-in's to enter the Mission on demand. They EPD,
can however, put 2-3 or more on a bus to somewhere else, and get credit for not helping one single person, get a good night's sleep or a good day's peace.

Kinder, gentler, homeless sweeps, hopes to help 2-3 homeless per month? Compared to July EPD Dispatch Log, dozens of police, chasing 115 dubious
complaints about illegal camping, with no such worthwhile outcome except wasted gas, wasted cop time, and no such commitment to assist any campers, this should be seen as an embarrassing boondoggle, a placebo solution to ending homelessness, a drop in a bucket, a shell game.

New day, same old shit. Repackaged for the forgetful, In your face community policing, will NEVER be anything but an undercover exclusion operation, approved and paid for by citizen taxpayers, and 134 likes from duped KEZI viewers and readers, who now believe these downtown cops are the friends of the homeless.

All of this is thanks to a city attorney, who long ago, sold his soul to city corruption, for lifelong tenure and fame as the devil's advocate, the bane of homeless campers whether they've ever heard of him or not, the city's legal guardian and advisor, but most infamously known by some of us activists, as the author of the anti-camping law, for his drafting of a near-perfect accusing instrument, with which to indirectly criminalize the homeless, and give coercive blessings to covertly sweeping them out of town, and he's gotten away with it ever since.

Truthfully, however, it is not so much of a perfectly written, constitutionally viable document, that we can never defeat, at least its parts are severable. Given a fair trial, as a homeless defendant myself, if I had won constitutionally, the ordinance itself, would have fallen like a house of cards, and its cruel parts would need to be re-written. In a REAL un-corrupt, unbiased, court of law, where EQUAL JUSTICE and FAIRNESS matters, where judges are impartial to conflicted interests of city, bigots, or over blatant classism; where defendants are not denied public defenders, not made violators by being denied misdemeanor rights at trials, are rarely given jury trials, and fair standards of evidence.

One must always keep in mind the city's inter-departmental (mayor, council, police, city attorneys, judges,) government's highest courtroom outcome goal, which is to enforce the law to the extent of abatement, to win over all homeless defendant objection to, or have any officer, by his testimony, found by a judge to be guilty of violating rights of the accused, which would definitely affect the camping ordinance, EC 418.

Notice the hunkered down position, used as an offensive display of trust, by facing the camper at eye level, and to minimize the intimidating presence, or threat.
notice the rolled up handouts that look like scrolls.

Aug. 16th, 2017

This will be a good outreach, but let us not forget...

The public is being told that it is only the "travelers", or visitors who are being targeted, however the police must enforce all laws equally across the board, meaning one group=travelers, cannot be singled out from the homeless, small vendors, or any other citizens, seen and profiled as undesirable-which they all are considered to be. This is not just downtown, but
city-wide, homeless sweeping, where ever they are found.

This is the downtown exclusion ordinance of several years ago under Mayor Kitty Piercy, now out of control; its language vague and
overbroad, so they can play the judge as well. This law is being used, as if everyone down there has already been found guilty, and convicted, and finally, ready for EPD to exclude, or arrest, on sight, without any legal recourse, or having done anything wrong.

This law, as well as the camping law, should have already been challenged, with its long list of petty offenses in the beginning, as the best opportunity for a lawsuit, or at least a damn good threat of one. But no, no such action has yet to be attempted. What good is knowing one's rights, when the city and the police run roughshod right over, and around them?

What was the point of my getting a ticket to go to court, only to
loose on account of pure corruption in that courtroom, handing our side, a totally F**ked up, judges decision order, which should have been appealed in circuit court where, based on my past experience, the outcome might have very well have been in my favor. Now, we will never know, thanks to the city prosecution, for the routine switching of camping which is a misdemeanor, to a violation, in order to deny their complicit criminalization, and to deny any indigent defendant, a public defender.

There are campers getting cited every day--look at the dispatch log---every week, why are there no social agency workers there to monitor? Why is no one whose cited coming forward? Why are helpful attorneys unwilling to be
council for them, in court? It's because everybody knows its a waste, the system is rigged, for the city to win every time. How much more evidence do we need?

This municipal kangaroo
takes the very expensive time and energy of good--hearted, pro-bono attorneys, and fritters and poo-poo's their time and defense, and that of innocent homeless camper defendants time away, the falsely accusing them with impunity. Is there any doubt that only a lawsuit in that court, can ever get this sick-minded, upper-class biased, city government, to respect everyone's rights?

No Lawsuit = No End To Homeless Discrimination In Eugene--ever!

Aug 17, 2016

I quote from bottom of paragraph 3:

"However, despite occasional opinions favoring the minority, the prevailing mood on the part of the judiciary appears to be one of indifference to the homeless’ plight; judges choose not to find anti-homeless ordinances unconstitutional when such a finding would be well within their discretion.See Joel, 232 F.3d 1353; Roulette, 97 F.3d 300; Tobe, 892 P.2d 1145."

This is so very true, especially here in Eugene's Municipal Court, judges are too biased, and act more like prostitutes for the city--no offense to prostitutes.
From: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


"Judges were among those inside Germany who might have changed the course of history by challenging the legitimacy of the Nazi regime and the hundreds of laws that restricted political freedoms and civil rights.

And yet the overwhelming majority did not. Most not only upheld the law but interpreted it in far-reaching ways that helped the Nazis carry out their political agenda, ultimately resulting in the deaths of millions. Explore this history through the articles below."

For a complete overview of laws time line: LAW, JUSTICE, AND THE HOLOCAUST
Danielle Smith--When I began to study Nazi Germany's pre-Holocaust history, with the homeless in mind, I was looking for, and I discovered striking similarities, between the German and American people, and of the evolution of all events, from the passage of laws in the beginning, to roundups, and the camps which led up to the Final Solution.

If history repeats itself--and it does here, with chilling accuracy and I learned what other minorities besides Jews, were persecuted, and murdered, and I realized that back then, I would have been a perfect anti-social candidate for a prison camp, and maybe I was--in a life before this one. I am part Jewish, German, Dutch, possibly Gypsy, and only God knows what else.

Then here I was, in America, in a distant time of unimaginable change in culture, social, politics, being persecuted, being homeless at age 40, after a life of much education and hard work, being subject to laws that defies obedience, then defies escape from prosecution, making my very flesh and blood, a criminal.

I am a warm-blooded mammal, I must sleep at the end of each day, I must eat and drink, piss and shit, and shelter myself from the frozen winter nights, have shade from the scorching sun, have friends around me; all of these things and more, have been denied to me due to my poverty, and reserved for only the economically privileged, some of them calling the police to sweep me out of sight.

Then I learned about the existence of my nation's FEMA camps, staffed and ready--for American citizens--many thousands of them. Access to a computer and Internet enabled me to find more disturbing documents than I could handle, 15 years ago. Don't you think I might be a little concerned for my future freedom, and my civil rights?

For all I knew, I was going to die on the streets of Eugene, a homeless transient, and a very well-known writer of harsh criticisms of mayors, council members, police, city attorneys, judges, local TV, radio, and more! I do'em all, if they have anything whatsoever to do with, or complicity in the blatant, harassment, intimidation, persecution, or for refusing to provide legal options of any kind, beyond a very few token camps offering temporary relief from the camping ban, and something for the mayor to brag about, in public.

Or how about when a presidential candidate--Trump--begins acting like an EXTREME dictator, not yet elected, and already at war with his own undesirable masses? And when every property owner, private or government, wants to trespass me, every business around me, hates me, refuses to face me, look me in the eye, or give me the least assistance, but then even more wickedly, enjoys, supports, encourages the city into passing strictly enforced laws allowing them not to have to give even the least amount of relief from suffering, when forced to beg, or during extreme weather?

We Americans are so ready to elect a Hitler of our own, so unprepared to handle our democracy taken over by a dictator, nominated by the extreme far-right, or life in a real dictatorship. German history during the 'Third Reich" is a fascinating study for homeless activists because the possibility of future internment into camps is real. German history is vast in its volume, and detail, and there were also those known as a'socials, including the homeless, alcoholics, prostitutes, convicts, political dissidents, thieves, beggars, jobless (work-shy), vagabonds, disabled, elderly, and others, who suffered the same fate as Jews.

German history, learn from it, or be doomed to repeat it.


Transient Chickens In Alton Baker Park?

Alton Baker was another SVDP program location for 3 campers, including myself. Somehow, a few chickens landed up in the park, seen feeding with the geese and ducks. So I adopted them, fed them while hoping for a few eggs. I think I got one. But someone reported them to the police, a Eugene officer came with cages assuring me the chickens would go to a good home. Watching a police officer chasing chickens was so much fun! I helped him corner them--with chickens safely in custody--away they went.

Transient Chickens In Alton Baker Park?


Alton Baker was another SVDP program location for 3 campers, including myself. Somehow, a few chickens landed up in the park, seen feeding with the geese and ducks. So I adopted them, fed them while hoping for a few eggs. I think I got one. But someone reported them to the police, a Eugene officer came with cages assuring me the chickens would go to a good home. Watching a police officer chasing chickens was so much fun! I helped him corner them--with chickens safely in custody--away they went.



Illegal camping is a pseudo-crime, it is a fictitious, concocted, false accusal of guilt, projected upon innocent homeless citizens by hired psychopaths. The public has been so thoroughly programmed that it's such a threat to their "quality of life" that it depends on them to report that "crime". The police power of coercion unequally, unfairly, and unconstitutionally enforces it. Judicial bias rules in its favor, upholding it. City Hall turns a blind eye to it--everybody's getting paid to look the other way, just putting in their time, until the end of the day when they can go home from work, and pretend it never happened.

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